Monday, January 24, 2011

New car update and Monday weigh-in!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I worked Saturday so with Sunday being my only day off this past week, my weekend was short but fun filled! Saturday night I went with Kim (fellow blogger) to eat at Panera and see Social Network. We had a great time together! And it was a good movie...interesting how facebook came to be! If Mark Zuckerberg could just share some of his 25 BILLION with me...I'd be grateful :)

So car update:

For those of yall who don't know, the past few months my poor little honda has had problem after problem. I have a 2000 red honda accord coupe. I got it in 2004 and it has been a great reliable car since. It looks like this one below:

Well lately, I have had a stream of bad luck. First my transmission started making terrible noises. We went to have it checked out and $1,800 later I have a new transmission. After only having it back a few weeks, another weird noise started happening. We took it back to the car place and another $600 later they tell us the motor was about to go out so they had to fix something (I dont know all the technical terms). I am supposed to get it back tomorrow and after much talking with my parents and weighing the pro's and con's, I think we are going to sell it and I am going to get a new car! I will miss my big red! I have loved that car since the day I got it but I think it's time. Weird how you feel a connection with your car isn't it?

Anyways, we figure it will be better to get rid of it while the transmission and motor are brand new before the next big thing goes wrong with it. So now for the exciting NEWS! My reality dream car is a pearl white Infiniti G35. I say reality dream car because sure I would love a white on white Range Rover sport that costs $75,000 and many other cars way out of my budget but this obviously isn't going to happen.

FYI...Last year for my mom's birthday she wanted a new car. She always asked my opinion of what car she should get and I told her how awesome the new G35's are. She went and test drove them and she fell in love. So now my mom has the brand new white Infiniti G35. I always tell her she is driving MY dream car haha. Of course hers has the rear camera, dual air controls, high tech navigation, touch screen navigation...which mine won't have...but it is leaps and bounds from what I was driving!

But anyways, all this to say....The past few days I have been looking high and low for a white infiniti. My uncle who owns a car dealership said Infiniti G35's are hard to find and white is the hardest color to find. I have found three I is about an hour from me and two of them are in Atlanta. I can't afford the brand spanking new infiniti G35 but the three I am looking at are the 2006 model. This is what it looks like:

I am going with my dad and mom sometime this week to look at the one closest to my house and this weekend (if they are still there) I am going to look at the two in Atlanta. Me and mommy are going to have cute matching twin cars...except hers is the mommy version and mine is the daughter version haha! I love it! Keep those fingers crossed :)


On the weight loss front, this morning I weighed 205.8 pounds! This is a new low for me. My last check in with yall I weighed 206.6 pounds last Wednesday. That is a 0.8 pound loss but I am on my last few days of my period so I am thinking the bloating may be a contributing factor. This means I need to lose about 6 more pounds by April 18th. Maybe I should make my goal a little harder haha. I was thinking I would be further out from 200 than I am. That means over the next 12 weeks I have to lose 6 pounds. Piece of cake! Onederland feels so close I can taste it!

I managed to work out twice this week at my NEW GYM! I went Tuesday and then I went Thursday. On Thursday my fabulous dad went with me and helped me tremendously! He showed me what to many to do...and the proper way to do it. I have never been so sore as I was on Friday but it felt good. I tried to force myself to go workout yesterday but my lady cramps were bothering me too much and the midol wasn't helping. But I am all over the gym this week...don't you worry!

Ok friends! Time to go get ready for work! Hope yall have a fabulous Monday!! Don't work too hard!!


  1. Fingers crossed for you to get your dream car! Great work on getting to a new low, girlie!!! You rock!

  2. Hello HOT CAR! You will look smokin in it!
    So close you can taste it baby!

  3. I'm now absolutely convinced that you and I are the same person. My two dream cars are the Infiniti G35x and a Range Rover! Not kidding. Love you!

  4. Nice ride! Fingers crossed for you. Oh and congrats on your weight loss! You are doing fabulous!

  5. Onederland is waiting for you! Yay for the new low!

  6. Nice car! So glad you are so close to the 100's.

    I gave you an award! Check out my blog!

  7. Oh, that's a nice choice of a dream car! White's a good, solid color for a set of wheels. You'd have to keep it really clean and spotless to bring out it's gorgeousness. And that stunning beauty really does pay off when you're on the road.

    Well, I hope you'd get your hands on your dream car in the future!