Thursday, October 14, 2010

5-Day Pouch Test!! Bad news :(

First of all, thank you everyone for the suggestions and encouragement regarding the 5 day pouch test! Seems like there are a good number of bloggers who are willing to give this a try!!

Secondly, now that I got everyone all excited about starting the 5 day pouch test on the October 18th....guess what!?

I found out (for sure this morning) that I am going out of town this Sunday and won't be coming home until the following Friday. Let me explain...

My whole extended family on my mom's side takes a week long vacation to Cade's Cove in Tennessee every fall around October/November. It is about an hour outside of Gatlinburg. This trip has been planned for this upcoming week for months and months now. I have known about the trip all along but didn't think I would be able to go because of work.

Well....for those of you who read my post a few days remember I was temporary laid off this past Friday and no longer have to worry about work for the next 10 weeks. I still wasn't sure as of a few days ago if I was going to go to Tennessee because I felt bad leaving my boyfriend, Burch, at home all week by himself. Mind you...he still has a job and can't afford to skip out of town for a week. This isn't the first time I skipped out on him...we went on vacation to Alaska a few months ago and I left him high and dry for two I think it will be ok.

Anyways, Burch and I talked about it and he is cool with me going on vaca with my family. This is the only time during the year my WHOLE family gets the heck out of dodge and goes on vacation. I would hate to miss this amazing family fun time (in all honesty, I am being completely family is fabulous!)

We all have RVs (with the exception of my outdoorsy cousins who bring their tent) and we "camp" up in the mountains for a week. Don't worry, we don't rough it. Do I look like somebody who would want to rough it in the wilderness for 6 days?

Usually each morning there is a breakfast feast. Also each individual family is given one night and they have to plan the dinner menu. I think our night is Thursday. All this to say...I have no idea what food is going to be served each meal and I have no control over what proteins (or lack there of) will be available for me to choose from, I think the best idea would be to wait until I return to start the 5 day pouch test.

Probably the following Monday will be best for me which is October 25th. I also want to be able to document each day for yall what foods I ate and how it is all going. Up in the mountains I don't even know if I will have service to use my computer.

So thank you for wanting to do this with me!! I love it and I think it will be awesome for us to do together and help each other out. Feel free to still start the 18th...but if you want to wait and start the 25th with me, you are more than welcome!!

Love you all!! Have an awesome Friday!!


  1. "Do I look like somebody who would want to rough it in the wilderness for 6 days?"

    I love you!

  2. lol to "Do I look like somebody who would want to rough it in the wilderness for 6 days?"

    :-) have a great time!!

  3. Sounds like fun! HOpe you have a great time :)

  4. Sounds so fun. I love camping. But, do I look like someone would want to rough it in the wilderness for 6 days? LOL (Actually, it is pretty rough when we go - nothing but a pop-up for us!)

    Have a great time. The pouch test will be here when you return!

  5. Hope you have tons of fun on your trip!

  6. Have a great time and wow- I hear you on the roughing it thing!!! I can lower my standards to a hotel that doesn't have room service, but event that is stretching it. :)

  7. Wow that sounds like so much fun I am so super jealous!!!! Have a great time!!!


  8. roughing it in the wilderness for 6 days! you're a riot girlfriend. kinda glad people seem to not be blogging much right now. as i'm sure you know i've been on a blogging sabatacle.
    i feel you on the roughing it. the closest i get to "roughing it" is chilling out at the races for a day with my boys. but i get to go home and sleep in my own bed at the end of the day. to me there's nothing better.

  9. Your coming to my town! :) The tree's have started changing and it's absolutely beautiful here. E-mail or FB me and I'll give you my number; I'd love to meet up! :)

  10. I LOVE your idea of camping!!