Friday, April 2, 2010

4th fill...

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! YAH! The weekend is here :)

I never updated my blog on Tuesday after my 4th fill so here it goes. I had 6 cc's in my band after my previous three fills but I knew I needed a little more. I had been eating good and losing weight but I wasn't at my sweet spot as we call it. My previous "official" weigh in at the doctor was on February 2nd and I weighed 233.5 pounds. When I weighed in on Tuesday I weighed 221.5 pounds. That is a 12 pound loss in 8 weeks. That is good, not fabulous but not bad. I was pleased and so was my doctor. He seemed extremely happy and didn't understand why I wanted a fill. I finally talked him in to giving me a small, tiny little fill of only 0.5 cc's bringing my total to 6.5 cc's.

At least he gave me something, right? I thought I was going to walk out of there with nothing. And all day Tuesday and Wednesday I ate fantastic! Healthy, lots of protein, no sugary foods, no fattening foods and when I got on the scale yesterday morning I was 219.5 pounds!! BELOW 220!!! I got my mom to take a picture of me on the scale and everything....

Which brings me to this morning. I wasn't feeling too confident because of my dinner with my girlfriends last night. That plate full of chicken fingers and fries made me feel more guilty then ever after my last few days of fabulous eating. And dang it, if my dinner didnt come back and bite me in the butt!! The scale read 221.5 pounds!! So screw that 219.5...I guess it was just a brief teaser! Anyways...Im not too down and depressed. I will get there again soon! :)

Also thank you Band Groupie for my Stiletto Award! I LOVE IT! Someone who deserves the Stiletto Award must be classy, bold, ultra, exotic, sexy and funky so I am honored! Thanks again!

Have a fabulous weekend ladies and gents!!


  1. You'll be back to 219 before you know it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep up the good work! That's awesome! And don't worry too much about the jump back to's just temporary in the scheme of things...

  3. I am so glad they gave you a fill!! I go Monday and hoping they give me one! You will be back down to 219 before you know it! Talk to you soon

  4. .5 is not so tiny, once you're getting up there in terms of fills... .1 has even made a big dif to me before!

    You'll see the two-teens soon I'm sure!

  5. I am sure that weight wil appear very soon and 12 lbs in 8 weeks is fabulous

  6. That's what kept happening to me with 190. I just kept going up and down and up and down and now finally I have been in the 180's for more than a day! It will happen again soon just stick with it and good luck!

  7. Hey girlie, send me your address at so I can send you some clothes!