Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New York City. This is for anyone who has ever been to NYC!!

First of all, thank you to those of you who have already given me suggestions for things to do in NYC. I have written them down, looked them up and found some winners!

But this post is for anyone how lives or has ever been to NYC!

My friends and I will be there for 6 days and 5 nights and trying to narrow down things to do feels impossible. I have been to New York once but I was only 13 years old. I do remember it like it was yesterday but I am beyond excited to go back and at Christmas! The fashion, the restaurants, the architecture, the lights...NYC is fantastic.

When it comes to restaurants here is our dilemma.

People have suggested some amazing restaurants with fabulous views and amazing atmosphere. But the problem is....when I pull up the menus online...
1) I can barely read the menu because I don't know what anything is
2) The meals are all at least $50 per person.

Now I do love atmosphere and nice restaurants but I do not eat super elegant food and typically if I pay a pretty penny for a meal I want more than a tiny little piece of meat. You know what I mean?

So my question for you is...

What are your favorite restaurants where we can get good quality food in a fun atmosphere for not too much $$$? None of us are too big on seafood if that helps. I have been researching but I figured asking people who has tasted it first hand would be a good idea. Our hotel is on 41st street and 9th avenue I believe...if this gives you a reference to where we are staying. I would love to go to some "off the beaten path", maybe not so crowded little cafes or restaurants if you know of any. Also any lounges you would suggest would be wonderful.

Also have any of you seen any good Broadway shows recently? We thought about going to see Wicked but it is coming to my home town in February for about half the price so I think we are going to hold out for that. Any smaller shows that are good? Ones that aren't so popular? I know some of these are fantastic but I don't know which ones specifically.

I believe the only "touristy" things we are doing is a tour of lower Manhattan, taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and doing the Ground Zero memorial/museum. Because 3 out of 4 of us have been to NYC we didn't want to spend all our time doing tours but wanted to do a few highlight tours.

Must sees?
Shopping ideas?
What to wear?
Anything really :)

Thank you so much! 9 shorts days away!! Cant wait!!


  1. shake shack (inexpensive but amazing burgers & fries), levain bakery (amazeballs cookies) and alice's tea cup (tea room/breakfast/pastries) are always musts for me when i'm in nyc. definitely do the staten island ferry (free!) and ground zero. i also really love washington square park - beautiful and lots of great people-watching opportunities. i have been to nyc in every season but winter/christmas, so i'd put the tree in rockefeller center at the top of my list. enjoy!

  2. I love Central Park but it is huge so coming at it from different points each day can be helpful. Grab a sub/sandwich and picnic... it is great people watching and beautiful views. Rockerfeller Center is a must at Christmas time and I always loved the Radio City Christmas Show but I haven't gone in years.