Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting back down to my lowest!

Just wanted to do a little blog update with an exciting daily weigh-in!

Now I am the type that weighs myself each morning no matter what. I know some of you are completely against the idea of this and may only weigh yourself once every few days or maybe even once a week.

I just can't stay away from the dreaded scale. Sometimes we like each other and sometimes we don't. There are some days where it just doesn't want to move and some days it moves....just in the wrong direction. I am fine with this. But I still consistently weigh myself each day. I have a routine....

Get out of bed....

Use the bathroom...

Take any pajamas off....

Then weigh myself.

I keep track of my weight and all my goals with a dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror so I have a daily reminder of where I am and where I want to be.

I find this time in the morning to be my most true weight.


Well I have been eating well and been very disciplined for the past 2 weeks or so. Trying to get in at least 60 grams of protein, 70 oz of water and as much fruits and veggies as I can.

Two weeks ago I was around 186 pounds.

This morning I weighed 180.8 pounds!!!

My goal is to be around 160 pounds by my two year bandiversary which is October 23rd. I realize this means I must lose about 2.2 pounds a week according to my math. This doesn't seem like the most healthy option but I will do what I can do lose the weight in a timely manner. Even if I can hit 169...which means losing 11 more pounds...that would be amazing!

I have been in the 180's since May and frankly I am just ready to see 179 pounds! I also realize it isn't seeing a number on the scale that makes you skinny but with each pound I lose I gain motivation because I am getting closer to where I need to be.

And thank you so much to everyone's sweet comments on my last post! I love comparison pictures and I just wanted to share a few with yall!

Lastly...here are a few pictures from the Braves game with my Kevin this past weekend. The Bravos lost but we had a great time spending the day with each other! Have a wonderful Wednesday :)


  1. Look how little your arms are now! Hot mama!

  2. That is awesome. You look so beautiful! I am just curious...how many calories do you eat a day and do you exercise on a regular basis.

  3. You look great! 5.2 lbs. in two weeks is AWESOME!