Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recent pictures and weigh-in!

The weight it coming off! Slowly but surely.

This morning I weighed 176.8 pounds!

This is only 1.6 pounds away from my all-time lowest. (About 6 weeks ago at the end of September I got down to 175.2 pounds.) I will be there again hopefully very soon. I have made myself stick to around 1,000-1,200 calories per day and have not budged for the last week and a half. This week I had a good exercise session on Tuesday and also today.

The weekend always scares me because my family and I always seem to eat at the best restaurants on the weekends and that makes it so hard to be good. But it's a must. There is no turning back. I know the rules of eating out...I just have to stick to them.

I also found something so cool the other day. I was in a cleaning mood and decided to go through my "junk" drawers to organize important papers and throw some things away. I found my original lap band journal that I started about a year before my surgery with notes from doctor visits, questions I had for my doctor, notes from the seminars, etc. I found a sheet of paper I filled out with my nutritionist about 2 weeks before my surgery. She put down that she wanted my goal weight to be around 180 pounds. At 80 pounds down from 260 pounds (which I was 260 pounds at that time) and being 5'7'', 180 pounds would be the perfect place to end up. I told her at that time I would love to get down to 170 pounds and she agreed this would be reasonable.

All that to say...180 pounds has come and gone and I am on my way to a healthier me :) At the time 80 pounds to lose seemed so far away and so hard to do but as you know with hard work and determination anything is possible.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am going to see Dave Barnes in concert tomorrow night. He is the best!


  1. You look great! Your boyfriend is a cutie, but he's a Bama fan? How are you working that one out?

  2. Congrats on blowing that goal right out of the water!
    Great pics.

  3. What a great post -- and, congratulations!!

    I have some recs for your upcoming NYC trip... you guys should book reservations for restaurants as soon as you can b/c things get booked up early here. Definitely plan for dinner at Beauty & Essex (very cool, hot place, perfect for a girl's night out). Other spots you might want to hit are Pastis, Buddakan and The Standard Grill (all in the Meatpacking District). All have great food and are see-and-be-seen spots. If you can swing a reservation at Waverly Inn (the place were I saw Cameron Diaz and Robert Pattinson last week), even better!

    I hope that helps!! Also, try to do brunch and shopping in Soho one of the days -- I recommend the Soho Dos Caminos (and the prickly pear margarita), and you can do a bit of tipsy shopping from there!

    If you have free time, would love to see you, but I completely understand if you're booked!

  4. BTW, you can use to make your reservations -- I use it all the time. Great site.

  5. 170's is awesome and great pictures.